Dewatering belt filter presses common faults handling

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LZZG sludge thickener in mud cleaning system

During the operation of the belt filter press, the filter belt often deflects and folds, and the crease of the filter belt and the sludge scraper are constantly worn out and ruptured, which greatly reduces the life of the filter belt and brings large economic losses to the enterprise. There are several reasons for the deviation of the filter belt:

1. The operation of the deflection roller is not sensitive, and the filter belt runs sideways. Once the limit switch fails, one end of the filter belt touches the frame of the dewatering machine and is broken. Solution: If the air pipe or airbag is damaged, it should be replaced in time; the rectification slider is rusted and blocked and needs to be derusted and lubricated; the rectification valve is faulty or the angle of the rectification is not adjusted and needs to be repaired.

2. The mud of the pre-dewatering filter belt is unevenly distributed. When the sludge enters the press section, the mud cake on the filter belt is thick and thin, and the filter belt will be shifted to the thick side. The direction of the offset force and the correction force are in conflict with each other, and the filter belt will fold at the thick and thin boundary of the mud layer. Solution: Check the filter sludge distribution. If the load is serious, you need to clean the sludge inlet distribution facilities and adjust the position of the flat mud board. The mud rake is partially worn or not installed. You need to check and repair the mud rake. Replace Scraper.

3. The position of the press roller or tension roller of the belt press is unbalanced. The interval between the two ends of the filter belt changes, resulting in uneven force on both sides of the filter belt. Solution: Check whether the installation of the roller is balanced. This situation is likely to occur after the overhaul of the belt press; perform maintenance on the bearing and roller, and timely repair if there is any wear.

Before starting the belt sludge filter press, the staff needs to make the following preparations

  1. Open the control valve of the air tank of the compressor and send the pressurized air into the air pressure control unit.
  2. Adjust the air pressure to set the filter cloth tension. When pre-adjusting, pay attention that the tension can not touch the frame.
  3. Move the filter cloth displacement sensor slightly with your hand, and check whether the cylinder will move normally. In addition, test whether the emergency stop switch function is normal.
  4. Start the filter cloth washing pump, and check whether the water volume and water pressure of the pump meet the requirements (water pressure: 4kg / cm2).
  5. Then start the belt filter press and check whether all parts are operating normally.
  6. Start the sludge supply pump.
  7. Start the sludge cake conveying device.

Caution: If the filter cloth shift cannot return to the normal position, stop the operation immediately. In addition, remember that if the tension on the filter cloth is not maintained properly, the filter cloth deviation control system will not function properly.

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