Dewatering sieve mesh size and dewatering performance

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Polyurethane sieve square mesh

The correct screen mesh size improve the capacity

The ratio of the area of ​​the sieve hole to the total area on the sieve surface of the dewatering dry sieve is the opening ratio. The larger the opening ratio, the higher the screening efficiency and the production capacity. The response to screen strength and service life are reduced. The square hole has a high aperture ratio, so most of the sieve surface adopts a square sieve hole, but a material having a high water content and small particle size is preferably a circular hole.

The dewatered dry sieve produced by LZZG not only can meet the production needs of customers but also supports the requirements of environmental protection. The materials are recycled and dewatered by dewatering dry sieves, and the recycled particle size can reach 250 mesh. The technical means can recover more than -325 mesh materials, and the recovery rate can reach more than 90% according to the tailings particle size distribution.

Dewatering sieve mesh

Improve maintenance and improve dewatering performance

When the bearing of the dehydrated dry sifting screen lacks lubricating oil, it may also cause clogging of the dewatering dry sifting screen sealing device, causing the bearing structure temperature rise to exceed the specified range value. It is necessary to check the equipment lubrication system in time to ensure that the lubricating oil agent is sufficiently clean and if found If the clogging phenomenon is to disassemble the bearing for thorough cleaning; if the sealing ring is damaged or the bearing breaks after wear, etc., the sealing ring and the bearing should be replaced in time, and the dewatering dry sifting screen should be re-adjusted to restart the screening and grading of the material. jobs.

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