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mine tailings dewatering screen

At present, the transportation of raw coal in mines is mainly carried by belt conveyors. When the belt conveyor transports raw coal with high moisture content, it is easy to cause the belt deviation and serious coal spattering during transportation in inclined roads, which may even affect The normal production of raw coal in the mine. In order to ensure the reliable and stable operation of the mine raw coal transportation system, dehydrating the coal water before transportation is an effective way to solve the above transportation problems. How to effectively dewater the coal water in the transportation system is a feasible, simple and easy-to-implement link in the coal chute at the transfer point of the conveyor. Therefore, the installation of dewatering equipment at the transfer point of the conveyor to remove the water from the coal water can basically ensure the normal operation of the transportation system.

Modern mines have high raw coal production and fast conveying speed. The use of slotted screens for underground coal dewatering, the abrasion of the screen, the blockage of the screen slot, large processing capacity, insufficient installation space and other issues will seriously affect the normal use of the slotted screen .

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