Belt Conveyor Noise and Scattering Troubleshooting

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Scattering of belt conveyors is a common problem for a variety of reasons. But the focus is on strengthening routine maintenance.

Abnormal noise of belt conveyors

When the belt conveyor is running, its driving device, driving drum, steering drum, and idler group will emit abnormal noise under abnormal conditions, and equipment failure can be judged according to the abnormal noise.

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1. The noise when the roller is seriously eccentric. When the belt conveyor is running, the rollers often produce abnormal noise and periodic vibration. Especially the return roller, due to its large length, self-weight, and high noise.

There are two main reasons for noise. First, the wall thickness of the seamless steel pipe is uneven and the centrifugal force is large. Second, the deviation between the center of the bearing hole and the center of the outer circle is large, which makes the centrifugal force too large. Bearings are not damaged and noise is allowed.

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2. Abnormal noise between the coupling between the high-speed end motor and the reducer of the drive device or the coupling with the brake wheel.  Accompanied by vibration at the same frequency as the motor’s rotation. When this noise occurs, the position of the motor reducer should be adjusted in time to avoid breakage of the input shaft of the reducer.

3. Abnormal noise of steering drum and driving drum The steering drum and driving drum make little noise during normal operation. When abnormal noise occurs, the bearing is usually damaged and the bearing seat will make a rattling sound. At this point, the bearing should be replaced.

The belt conveyor spreads the material.

Scattering of belt conveyors is a common problem for a variety of reasons. But the focus is on strengthening routine maintenance.

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1. Reprint some sprinkles.

The transfer point sprinkling is mainly in the hopper, guide trough, etc. If the belt conveyor is seriously overloaded, the rubber apron of the baffle of the guide chute of the belt conveyor is damaged, the steel plate of the guide chute is designed to be far away from the belt, and the rubber apron is longer so that the material rushes out of the guide chute. The above situation can be addressed in terms of controlling transport capacity and enhancing maintenance.

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2. Sprinkle material when hanging the concave belt.

When the radius of curvature of the concave segment is small, the belt will hang. At this time, the belt forming groove has changed, because the belt has left the grooved roller set, generally the groove angle is small, and part of the material is scattered.

Therefore, in the design stage, a larger radius of curvature of the concave section should be used as much as possible to avoid this situation. For example, in mobile mechanical loaders. In order to shorten the tail car, the stacker equipment designs the concave section as an arc-free transition section. It is easier to disperse the material when the belt width is selected with a small margin.

3. Sprinkle material when running off course.

As the belt deflected, the heights of the two edges changed, one side was higher and the other was lower, and the material was scattered from the lower side. The treatment method is to adjust the deviation of the belt.

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