13mm 6mm coal screening equipment

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In the traditional thermal coal sorting process, 13mm classification is generally used, but in recent years, with the change of coal market situation and underground mining conditions, only 13mm classification is used, and the quality of the products under the screen is increasingly unable to meet market requirements, so reducing the lower limit of sorting and deep sorting of thermal coal has become the primary problem faced by major coal groups.

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Deep sorting is the deep classification of raw coal, that is, the screening particle size is reduced from 13mm to 6mm or below, which can not only increase the amount of raw coal selected, but also improve the quality of coal products and better adapt to changes in the coal market. Lowering the lower sorting limit to 6mm first faces the problem of selecting screening equipment. Due to technical limitations, banana sieves are mostly used when using 13mm grading, but this type of sieve machine is not high in processing wet sticky materials or screening particle size of 6mm. With the development of coal preparation technology, there are more and more equipment for fine-grained coal screening, and high-efficiency screening equipment such as relaxation screen, high-width screen and cross screen has appeared. This paper will summarize and summarize the relaxation screen, high-width screen and cross screen from the aspects of working principle, technical characteristics, equipment maintenance and equipment price, so as to provide a reference for the selection of key screening equipment required for deep sorting of thermal coal.

Equipment maintenance

The maintenance work of the relaxation screen is mainly to replace the screen plate, and the replacement cycle is generally 3~6 months.

Equipment price

The price of relaxation screening equipment varies greatly, a single processing capacity of 500t/h LIWELL relaxation screen, the price is about 2 million yuan, while the same processing capacity of Yogma, Ori single-layer relaxation screen price is about 1.1 million yuan, double-layer screen price is generally in the range of 150~1.6 million yuan. Therefore, the selection of the chizing screen should focus on factors such as the upper limit of feeding, screening particle size, layout space and price.

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