What is the density of sand?

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silica sand

The density of sand is generally between 1.47 and 2.9. Because sand is a mixture of various rocks, the quality is different, so the density is also different.

The main component of sand is silicon dioxide, the density of silicon dioxide is 2.65g/cm3, and the bulk density is the mass per unit bulk volume. The denser the accumulation, the greater the bulk density. For example, well-graded sand, gravel, and bulk density will be higher. Under normal conditions, the bulk density of sand and stone is 1440kg/m3-1550kg/m3. No matter how dense the accumulation is, it may not exceed 1600kg/m3.

Loose sand, not dense, about 2500kg per side refers to stones without gaps. In fact, due to different regions and different types of sand and gravel, the bulk density of sand and gravel varies greatly. The specific gravity of limestone is: 2.6~3.0 (g/cm3). Flake stone is calculated by bulk density, which is less than density.

Granite is plutonic, so its structure is compact. The bulk density of granite is heavier than that of limestone, but the bulk density of granite is only about 2600 kg/m3. The bulk density of flakes is not only related to the density of flakes, but also related to the particle size of flakes. For example, the particle size of limestone in a certain place is ≤80mm, and the bulk density is 1.45 tons/cubic meter. There is also a bluestone slab in a certain place with a bulk density of 1000-2600 kg/m3. Similarly, the bulk density of sand is also an uncertain data.

The actual preparation should be adjusted according to the quality of the selected sand and stone. If you don’t use a lot of engineering materials, you can use about 1500 kg/m3. If your engineering materials are relatively large, then you have to conduct on-site inspections yourself. Generally, the volume of the transportation tool is accurately detected, and the volume of the gravel is obtained by dividing the weighed weight by the volume of the gravel.

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