Composition ratio and use of graded crushed stone

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graded crushed stone

Graded crushed stone is a mixture of coarse and fine crushed stone aggregates and stone chips each accounting for a certain proportion. When the particle composition meets the requirements of dense gradation, it is called graded crushed stone.

In order to facilitate the control of the gradation of the mixture, the materials should be prepared according to 6 grades, namely: 900-600mm, 300-600mm, 20mm-30mm gravel, 10mm-20mm gravel, 5mm-10mm gravel, 0-5mm gravel In the chip construction management, measures should be taken to control the quality of raw materials according to the progress of the site.

The mix ratio of graded crushed stone

Gravel (20mm-40mm): natural sand: water = 9.11:4.97:3.

The proportion of graded crushed stone varies according to the specific engineering design.

graded stone


Uses of graded crushed stone

Graded aggregates can be used as the base and subbase of asphalt pavement and cement concrete pavement, and can also be used as roadbed improvement layer. Under the premise of good drainage, graded aggregates can be used on roads of different traffic levels in different climate zones. The use of graded aggregates is particularly beneficial in wet and rainy areas.

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