Ways to reuse gold mine tailings resources

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Gold mine tailings mainly contain gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc and other metals and a large number of non-metallic minerals such as mica, feldspar and quartz, which are similar to the raw materials of many building materials products. Therefore, the resource utilization of gold tailings mainly includes two directions: one is to recover valuable components, and the other is to process the tailings to produce various industrial materials.

Prepare concrete

The use of gold ore tailings to prepare concrete is mainly to replace the coarse and fine aggregates with tailings.

Ceramic raw material

Ceramics are sintered from feldspar, clay and quartz. The main components are silicon, aluminum, and oxygen, which is similar to the composition of gold tailings slag. If gold tailings can be used as ceramic raw materials, it will bring certain benefits. economic value. For example, the Zhaoyuan gold tailings are subjected to ball milling, weak magnetic separation and high gradient strong magnetic separation, and then the concentrate is used as a substitute for feldspar, and kaolin and bentonite are added to prepare ceramic samples. When the concentration of the concentrate is 45% and 50%. The properties of the ceramic samples prepared at this time meet the requirements of GB/T4100-2006 for the properties of ceramic tiles, and light and high-strength ceramsite can be prepared from the selected tailings.

Production of ceramsite

Traditional ceramsite generally uses shale or clay as raw materials. If tailings, biological sludge, and other solid wastes are used to prepare cheap ceramsite, it can save resources and protect the environment. The amount of tailings added is 50%~ 90%, and different proportions of tailings can be selected according to different tailings properties and product requirements.

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