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Application of stone washing machine

The stone washing machine is a high-efficiency washing equipment, mainly used in construction sites, sand and gravel plants, hydropower station concrete dam site, post and power pole factory needs stone and foundry stone, glass factory quartz stone and oil well backfill Washing, grading and dewatering with pressure stone. According to the actual situation of the sand and gravel industry, the high-efficiency stone washing equipment has a high washing height, a reasonable structure, a large amount of treatment, and less sand loss during the stone washing process.

spiral classifier

spiral stone washer

1. The novel sealing structure of the spiral stone washing machine, the fully-blocking oil bath type transmission device and the adjustable overflow weir plate ensure the durability, cleaning and dewatering effect of this series of products.

2, the processing volume is large, because the principle of sand washing of the spiral sand washing machine is not to use the bucket to “fish”, so its processing capacity has been greatly improved.

3. The energy utilization rate is higher, which reduces the energy loss caused by the bucket during the lifting process so that the energy is better utilized effectively.

4, reduce the wear of some parts, spiral sand washer, do not need to increase the screen, thus reducing the loss of the screen, extending the service life of the equipment.

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spiral stone washer with dewatering screen

The drum washing machine is easy to close and collect dust, easy to maintain and long service life. It is a device often used in refractory materials, coal, river sand classification, sand gravel classification.


Advantages of roller stone washer

roller stone washer

1. Wide adaptability of materials

The drum stone washing machine is widely used for screening various materials. Whether it is inferior coal, coal slime, bituminous coal or sandstone materials, it can be smoothly screened.

2, the feeding method is simple and diverse:

The feeding port of the drum washing machine developed by our company can be set according to the actual site. Whether it is belt, funnel or other feeding method, it can be fed smoothly without special measures.

3, high screening efficiency

The drum screen washing stone equipment can be provided with a comb type cleaning mechanism. During the screening process, the material entering the screening cylinder can be sieved according to the dirtiness and impurities, thereby improving the screening efficiency of the equipment.
The technology is novel and mature, and it is easy to increase in size.

roller stone washer supplier

4, save energy

The drum screen washing machine developed by our company has low power, which is one-half to one-third of other sieve types. It handles the same amount of materials and only runs one-half of the other sieve types, so the energy consumption is low. .

5. The drum  is environmentally friendly and non-polluting:

The whole screening can be sealed with a sealed isolation cover, which completely removes the phenomenon of dust flying, block splashing, etc. during the screening cycle, and avoids pollution to the working environment.

6. The drum stone washing machine has low noise:

During the operation of the drum washing machine, since the rotary screen speed is small and the sealed isolation cover is isolated from the outside, noise can not be transmitted to the outside, thereby reducing equipment noise.

7. The drum screen has a long service life and a small amount of maintenance:

The drum stone washing machine is composed of several ring-shaped nets. The total screening area is much larger than the screening area of ​​other sieve types. In addition, the screening efficiency is high and the equipment running time is short, so the service life is long. Less wearing parts and less maintenance.

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