What is a spiral sand water separator?

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Liquid sand separator
The sand-water separator is a heavy-duty (large amount of sand and heavy specific gravity) Liquid sandseparation equipment. It is mainly used in industrial wastewater treatment systems such as steel plants and chemical plants. It is used to continuously separate iron oxide scale, sand particles generated during the flushing process, etc. in the wastewater. Sediments, etc.; generally adopt a shaft structure.

The sand-water separator is suitable for sand settling treatment in the grit settling tank of urban sewage treatment plants. It is mainly used in conjunction with the cyclone grit chamber sand remover or bridge sand suction machine to further separate the discharged sand-water mixture.

screw sand water separator

1. It adopts spiral conveying, no underwater bearings, light weight and easy maintenance.
2. The reducer used has compact structure, stable operation and easy installation.
3. The U-shaped groove is lined with flexible wear-resistant lining plates, which has low noise and is easy to replace.
4. The whole machine is simple to install and easy to operate.

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