Energy saving measures for gypsum dehydration equipment in power plants

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Limestone-gypsum wet flue gas desulfurization technology is a flue gas desulfurization technology widely used in coal-fired power plants. The comprehensive utilization of its by-product desulfurization gypsum is of great significance for saving resources and protecting the environment.

Gypsum dehydration system

gypsum dehydration equipment in power plants

On the premise of ensuring that the gypsum moisture content and filter cake thickness are qualified, try to ensure that the system vacuum belt conveyor operates under rated load and shorten the operating time of the dehydration system.
Ensure that the filter cloth flushing water nozzle is unobstructed, and regularly flush the filter cloth with a high-pressure water gun to ensure good filtering ability of the filter cloth.
Regularly check the vacuum pump belt to avoid slipping, ensure that its output and vacuum degree are within a reasonable range, and maintain appropriate sealing water flow.
Regularly check the flexibility of the filter cloth correction switch and the pressure of the correction air bag to extend the service life of the filter cloth and improve the utilization rate of the filter cloth.
Regularly clear and flush the gypsum cyclone to ensure it operates under rated pressure and ensure that the underflow slurry concentration is around 1400kg/m3.

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