Sludge screening, sludge dewatering equipment and processes

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Recently, the emergency disposal project of the silt landfill site has successfully passed the handover and acceptance. In the process of disposal, the project department abandoned the conventional factory operation practices and innovated the management model; actively carried out scientific research and innovation, solved a number of stuck technical problems, and formed “sludge screening + sludge conditioning + dewatering reduction + co-processing” The overall technical route of the Qingninghou landfill will eventually achieve the goal of reducing, harmless, and recycling about 330,000 tons of sludge in the Qingninghou landfill.

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“Although the method of directly transporting the raw mud to thermal power plants and cement plants for disposal is simple, the disposal efficiency is low, and only less than 500 tons of sludge can be processed per day. The ultra-high pressure dehydration process used in the project is an advanced technology in the field of solid waste treatment. At present, there is no complete set of products in the market. Faced with the various problems before it, the project department decided to abandon the conventional factory operation practices and replace hoists and transport belts with excavators and environmentally friendly muck trucks to improve the flexibility of screening and dewatering ; At the same time, engineering thinking is also applied in the management model to match the modules of dredging, internal transportation, equipment operation, and sludge transportation to professional service providers, so that they can perform their duties, operate stably and efficiently, and effectively solve the problem. Difficulties caused by the production line for sludge disposal.

With the commissioning of the last filter press equipment, the project department’s sludge outbound disposal is gradually on track. As the screening equipment for high-viscosity sludge has no finished products in the country, the project department’s joint mining screening machine manufacturer designed a screening machine. However, as the screening progressed, the project team found that many large impurities would stick to the bottom of the screen like iron magnets, reducing the sludge screening effect. Subsequently, the project team designed a line device that can make the screen forward and reverse, so that the sludge screening efficiency was greatly improved, and the automatic control system was modified.

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