How to reduce the amount of construction waste and how to use it?

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The promotion and application of prefabricated buildings reduces dust, sand and noise, and reduces construction waste from the source

The prefabricated construction method is not only efficient, but also less dusty, and the excavation of earth is not as arrogant as in the past. The site also pays attention to the control of bare land, and does not produce the phenomenon of sand everywhere.

A large number of operations were transferred to the factory, which greatly reduced the noise and air pollution at the construction site. The Dianbai Yaju project in Jiangdong New District is also a prefabricated building. The project uses standardized design, factory production, prefabricated construction, finished product decoration, and information management to minimize the pollution on the site as much as possible.

construction waste treatment and reuse

Use construction waste as a resource

In the treatment of construction waste pollution, some companies choose to play a role from the end.

In 2019, a new construction waste treatment plant was built in Timeng Township, Lingshui Li Autonomous County. The crushing production line here is equipped with processing links such as mechanical sorting of masonry materials, crushing and screening, light material winnowing separation, iron removal and sorting, which can turn solid waste such as reinforced concrete blocks, masonry, and broken tiles into Sand and gravel aggregates can be used for roadbed filling, road paving or building materials, etc., to realize the resource utilization of construction waste.

In order to prevent construction noise and dust from affecting nearby residents, the treatment site uses a three-stage precipitation method to treat car wash water and dust removal to minimize environmental pollution. According to Chen Xinsheng, the person in charge of the site, the current phase one project of the construction waste treatment plant can treat about 200,000 tons of construction waste per year. “We will increase the investment in the second phase, and the processing capacity will increase to 500,000 tons per year.” Construction waste disposal sites have layouts in many places in Hainan Province.

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