Drilling mud treatment system working principle

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The sludge discharged from the sludge discharge pipe after the rotary drilling rig is excavated is purified by a decanter centrifuge. If the sand content of the treated sludge meets the requirements, it can be directly discharged into the sedimentation tank for overflow sedimentation. Otherwise, the dosing system treatment equipment for further treatment, and then discharged into the sedimentation tank for overflow sedimentation.

After treatment and dosing, the sifted ballast soil is transported to the designated dump site for storage. After the mud overflow enters the adjustment tank, if the amount of mud is excessive, the mud can be discharged into the abandoned slurry tank for storage. When the amount of mud exceeds the capacity of the abandoned slurry tank, it will be pumped to a nearby transportation carrier and transported to the abandoned slurry yard; When the demand is met, the pumping machine can be used for artificial pulping to supplement the pulp. When the slurry concentration of the adjustment tank meets the requirements, it should be directly pumped by the slurry pump to the rotary drilling rig; if the slurry concentration is too thick, add clean water for dilution; if the slurry concentration is too low, the slurry will be adjusted to increase the slurry concentration Pump to the rotary drilling rig. According to the flow of piling mud, it is treated with mud discharge equipment first, and then discharged into the sedimentation tank for overflow process.

drilling mud system

The piling mud treatment system can choose different types of decanter centrifuges according to the needs, and the purification and sand removal rate is high, which can reach more than 95%. The decanter centrifuge piling mud treatment system has low failure rate, easy installation, use and maintenance, good use effect, high separation efficiency, and can be adapted to the construction process of various piling (pile foundation) constructions in different strata. The motor power structure is advanced, the degree of generalization is high, the operation is reliable, and the disassembly, assembly and maintenance are convenient; to ensure the long-term normal operation of the equipment. The electrical control adopts a frequency conversion start control system (PLC can be used to realize automatic control), simple wiring, strong anti-interference ability, and convenient maintenance and repair. It fully meets the normal excavation capacity of the rotary drilling rig and improves the production efficiency.

Mud content

The processed mud is of high quality and the sand content is less than 5%. Because the water content of the soil and sand after the treatment is less than 30%, the discharge volume is greatly reduced, the transportation is convenient, and the transportation cost is saved, ensuring the smooth progress of the piling project and avoiding the piling mud Discharge problems cause environmental pollution, which is conducive to environmental protection.


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