How about the efficiency of granite sand making

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Granite is the strongest kind of rock. It is not only hard in texture, but also not easily dissolved by water and not easily eroded by acid and alkali. It can withstand pressures of more than 2,000 kilograms per square centimeter of area. weathering cannot significantly affect it for decades.

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Why does granite have these characteristics?

Let’s check its ingredients first! Among the mineral particles that make up granite, more than 90% are feldspar and quartz, among which feldspar is the most. Feldspar is often white, gray, and flesh red, and quartz is mostly colorless or off-white, which constitute the basic tone of granite. Both feldspar and quartz are hard minerals that are difficult to scratch with a steel knife.

As for the dark specks in the granite, it’s mainly biotite, but also some other minerals. Although biotite is relatively soft, its ability to resist pressure is not weak. At the same time, their weight in granite is very small, often less than 10%. This is the material conditions under which granite is particularly strong. Therefore, sand with high compressive strength can be obtained by using granite sand.

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Another reason why granite is strong is that its mineral grains are tightly fastened to each other and embedded with each other, and the pores often account for less than 1% of the total rock volume. In this way, the granite has the ability to resist strong pressure, and it is not easy to be penetrated by water.

Most of the sand in the river is the quartz particles of granite, and many of the widely distributed clay is the product of the weathering of the feldspar in the granite! But it takes a long, long time, so granite is pretty solid in terms of human perception of time.

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