What flotation agent is used for phosphate rock beneficiation

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Matters needing attention in the phosphate rock flotation process:

1. For raw materials with coarse particle size, sintered membrane flotation method is adopted, the enrichment particle size is -1.17+0.4mm, and the sorting equipment is jet inflatable flotation machine; or boiling bed flotation machine and jig flotation machine are used , The sorting size can reach 3mm.

2. For the selected materials of 0.5 ~ 1 mm, split flow flotation and countercurrent flotation can be used;

3. For fine-grained or ultra-fine-grained phosphate rock or phosphate rock slime, according to the characteristics that the floatability of phosphate minerals, carbonate minerals, and silicate minerals in phosphate rock varies with particle size, there are Trends in graded flotation.

4. The flotation process of refractory phosphate rock, especially the flotation process of phosphorous rock ore containing phosphorus carbonic acid (mainly dolomite) and silicate gangue minerals. The US Bureau of Mines uses fluosilicic acid or its Salt, China uses sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, and Smani uses aluminum sulfate, potassium tartrate, and sodium salt as phosphorus mineral inhibitors. The “reverse flotation” process has achieved good results

5. Among the many flotation agents, the S series, L series and F series depressants designed in China, which are made of aromatic compounds, lignin compounds and humic acid, are popular because they are used in alkaline pulp When this type of inhibitor is used, phosphorus minerals can be selected from carbonate and silicate phosphate rocks in foam products at one time.

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