What dewatering screen mesh can separate fine sand

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The vibrating dewatering screen has a very good effect of screening and dewatering in the process flow of the sand washing production line. At present, it is very suitable for the screening and classification of fine sand in many sites. For the screening of sand, see where the sand is, some are machine-made sand, or river sand and sea sand, etc.

The general fine sand screen is about 20 to 40 mesh, but it needs to see how much the sand is, and how much it is sieved. You can know how big the mesh screen needs to be to sieve the fine sand. The dewatering screen can screen the fine sand, and the materials with moisture and no moisture can be screened. It has high frequency The dehydration effect of the vibration belt is generally widely used in the fine sand washing process.

Generally, the mesh size of the screen of the sand washing plant is between 0.25-50mm. This is because the size of the sieve hole should be determined according to the size of the material. In some usage scenarios, the dewatering screen not only undertakes the task of dehydration, but also has the function of grading the material.

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