Water filter vibrating screen for sand making plant

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Large-capacity vibrating water filter screen, also called dewatering screen. It is used for rapid dewatering of materials, and has the advantages of high work efficiency and good dewatering effect. It is widely used in sand making plants, coal preparation plants, mineral processing plants, and mud purification industries.

polyurethane screen mesh

TS series dewatering screen output low moisture content materials like sand, coal, mud and tailings, hot sale in the market. It use wear-resistant polyurethane sieve panel , not easily blocked in screening. When processing mineral pulp such as coal, mud or dirt mixed water, steel mesh is easily blocked and adjusting its mesh size will highly reduce its capacity.
It is important for owner to get dry sand directly after washing process, here comes our new type high G-force vibrating screen. Also we use high-quality PU screen as its sieve, one side you can get fine sand and also dry sand at the same time.

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