The solution to the wear of the impeller of the sand washing machine

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Sand washing machines need regular maintenance in order to work better. When the sand washing machine is in use, the wear of the impeller has a great influence on the operation of the equipment. So how to reduce the wear of the impeller of the sand washing machine?

Causes of impeller wear

The materials in the sand washing machine have been crushed in various ways from granular to powdery with different meshes: the lining plate mainly accepts the force of the impeller, and the wear mode is mainly the conflict between each other, so the surface Both hardness and toughness have certain requirements; the guard plate is mainly due to the friction and wear of material activities, and the demand for impact is not high; all accessories are also subject to corrosion and wear. The impeller exists in the movement of the fine sand recovery machine, and the parabola formed by the falling down crushes the material; the conflict between the impeller and the material, the material and the material, the material and the liner; the mutual crushing caused by the free fall of the material.

It can be seen from this that there are many ways of wearing the wearing parts in the sand washing machine. The impeller is mainly caused by falling and friction wear, so there is also a demand for out-of-roundness of the impeller in addition to wear resistance; Different needs do not necessarily require the same raw materials. Appropriate materials should be selected according to different operating conditions to achieve economical and practical purposes under the premise of meeting the needs.

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