The reason for the fracture of the sealing ring of the vibrating screen

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Sealing ring is an indispensable and wearing part of vibrating screen. Sealing rings are commonly divided into U-shaped and V-shaped. They are mainly used on the frame and dust cover. The sealing ring is used to better seal the vibrating screen. The connection between the frames prevents material leakage and at the same time reduces the destructive force of the vibrating screen on the screen frame during vibration.

Usually according to the different characteristics of the material, three different vibrating dewatering screen sealing rings can be selected to achieve the expected screening effect. The vibrating dewatering screen sealing ring seals the equipment and reduces friction and shock absorption of the upper and lower parts. effect. It is understood that some users will have the problem of fracture of the seal when they are in use. What are the reasons for this?

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1. Reasons for the quality of seals

Nowadays, the common seals are made of silica gel, but the quality of the seals used by different vibrating dewatering screen manufacturers is not the same. If the material of the seal is hard or the quality of silica gel is not good, the equipment will break after running for a period of time.

2. The production problem of vibrating dewatering screen frame

In the production process, such as the welding or grinding of the screen frame, there are burrs. In addition to the sealing effect, the seal has the function of damping and buffering the upper and lower screen frames. For example, when the screen frame is produced, the edge is not flat or the polishing is incomplete, there will be unevenness or burrs, so that the screen frame will continue to rub when the equipment is running. It will break the seal. When encountering such a problem, the user can check whether the edge of the screen frame is flat or has burrs, and if found, it can be polished and corrected;

3. The size of the seal

The seals used by vibrating dewatering screens with different dimensions are also different. For example, the size of the equipped seals and the screen frame will increase the fatigue of the seals and cause them to break.

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