Solid waste sorting equipment for municipal waste

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Composting trommel screen

In the system for processing garbage, a series of equipment is needed to complete the classification of garbage. Sorting out recyclables, glass and plastic bags, etc., to reduce the waste of resources and reduce the hazards of garbage disposal.

The rolling screen is also called a rotary drum screen, and its screen surface is a cylindrical barrel with holes. During operation, the sieve cylinder is slowly rotated around the shaft under the drive of the transmission device; solid waste is fed from one end of the sieve cylinder and is carried by the rotating cylinder. When it reaches a certain height, it should fall by itself under the action of gravity. The fine particles smaller than the size of the sieve are penetrated through the sieve, and the product on the sieve is gradually moved to the other end of the sieve and discharged. In order to advance the waste along the axis of the cylinder, the axis of the screen cylinder is generally installed at an angle.

The screen drum of the drum screen is supported by 4 rollers. During operation, the two active rollers on one side of the cylinder are driven by a motor, a reducer, etc., relying on the friction force, the theme roller drives the cylinder to rotate, and the other two on the other side. A scroll wheel is used for action. Rolling can drive the garbage to rotate, increasing the contact area and contact time with the screen cylinder. A drum screen placed at a certain tilt angle can use the gravity of the garbage itself and the centrifugal force when rotating to complete the separation of garbage. The inclination angle of the rolling screen will affect the residence time of garbage materials in the screen cylinder. Generally, the inclination angle of the drum screen is selected in the range of 2°~5°. Sometimes considering the best efficiency (productivity), it can also be exceeded. The efficiency of using linear screens and plane shakers is low, and the economic benefits are not obvious.

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