Recycling construction waste to produce sand and gravel

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With urban construction and renovation, the amount of construction waste is increasing. The most common treatment of construction waste is landfill, and the disposal of a large amount of construction waste in landfills not only causes waste of resources but also pollutes the environment.

How to make the abandoned construction waste generate new value? It is inseparable from the utilization of resources.

Through backfilling, on-site utilization, recycling, recycling, and other resource utilization methods, construction waste can be “turned waste into treasure”.

sand making system

Construction solid waste

Bricks, mortar, lime sand, and concrete blocks are produced in the production activities of the construction industry such as demolition, construction, renovation, and repair.

Engineering muck

Spoils are generated during the excavation of various buildings, structures, pipe networks, etc.

LZZG Construction waste crushing and sand making plant

Construction waste crushing and sand making plant

Construction solid waste can be sorted, cleaned, completely screened out metal and other components, and then mixed and processed in the treatment plant, and can become type IV recycled filler. Through screening, precipitation, sieving, crushing… After pretreatment to determine no pollution, through a customized solidification improvement plan, it is mixed with the soil solidifying agent in a closed centralized factory, which has become more stable in water and stronger in strength. High solidified muck. Carry out subgrade filling and continue with a new mission.

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