Reasons for the decrease in output of sand washing machine

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In the use of the sand washing machine, due to various reasons, some problems may occur, such as unclean sand washing, reduced sand washing volume, high bearing temperature, etc. Frequently encountered failures of sand washing machines. The solutions are as follows.

Frequently encountered sand washing machine failures

The sand is not clean

When washing sand, the flushing pipe should be released first, and then the material should be fed to wash the sand. The amount of water should be moderate. It is necessary to keep the cleaning sand clean and prevent the sand from overflowing along the slot. The material should be added evenly and not too much. Urgently, these will affect the quality of the sand.

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Reduced sand washing or sand leakage
cause of issue:

  1. The sand net is damaged;
  2. The fixing bolts of the sand net fall off.


  1. Check and repair or replace the sand net;
  2. Tighten the bolts.

Bearing temperature is too high
cause of issue:

  1. The grease is dirty;
  2. Improper amount of grease;
  3. Bearing damage (generally the first two reasons).


  1. Replace the grease;
  2. The amount of grease must be moderate, not too much or too little;
  3. Replace the bearing.

screw sand washing machine
Sand washing water has a lot of spray

cause of issue:

  1. The speed of the spiral sand washing machine is too high;
  2. The horizontal axis of the spiral disc is not fixed.


  1. Adjust the speed;
  2. If the rotation speed is adjusted in place and there is still a phenomenon of turning flowers, the horizontal axis must be fixed.


The discharge port is blocked
cause of issue:

  1. This is the most likely problem in the operation of the sand washer. Most of the reasons are that the granularity of the sand in the slurry of the sand washer is too fine, and the single feeding amount is suddenly increased, resulting in material deposits at the discharge port.


First, stop feeding and open all the discharge ports to avoid siltation. Clean the sand washer with clean water before proceeding.

dewatering screen motor

The machine cannot start
cause of issue:

  1. Insufficient voltage;
  2. Belt slippage;
  3. Reducer failure;
  4. The motor is damaged.


  1. Change the voltage supply;
  2. Tighten the belt strip;
  3. Overhaul the reducer;
  4. Replace the motor and run.


Increased noise of sand washing machine
cause of issue:

  1. The bearing is damaged;
  2. Reducer failure;
  3. The bucket body rubs the shell.


  1. Replace the bearing;
  2. Overhaul the reducer;
  3. Overhaul and adjust the wheel bucket body.

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