Reasons for the damage of the vibrating screen mesh

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If the screen plate of the vibrating screen is damaged too quickly, it may be due to the lack of tension on the screen, except for quality reasons.

circular vibrating screen mesh

The tension of the screen plane is not enough

If the screen is not tensioned, during the operation of the equipment, the high-amplitude vibration will cause the screen to vibrate, which is usually broken or damaged along the edge of the screen or at the edge of the wrapping bar. At the same time, because the screen is not tensioned, the level of the screen surface is not enough , It is easy to deform the screen, and the material is easy to accumulate in a certain position, causing uneven stress on the screen and damage.

Solution: When installing or replacing the screen, 3-4 people should work at the same time, lay the screen flat on the screen frame, and then put the screen pressing ring on it, and use the screws to make it slightly symmetrically according to the vertical direction of the screen. To fix, insert the screws into the screw holes respectively after the screen is not folded and evenly tightened, and slowly and evenly tighten it one by one.

Poor screen pre-tensioning process

The screen generally has an upper screen layer and a lower force layer, and the two layers are required to be closely fitted. If the pre-tensioning process of the screen is poor, when the force layer at the bottom of the screen is tight, the screen layer will be closed. If there is no tension, the distance between the upper and lower vibrations of the screen is too large when the screen is working, and the contact part with the screen frame cannot be effectively pressed, which is also one of the reasons for the rapid damage of the screen.

Solution: Check the tensioning progress of the screen frequently, check whether the screen is compacted, ensure the tension of the screen, reduce the fluttering force of the screen, and ensure that the upper screen layer and the lower force layer of the screen are tightly fitted.

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