Quick and effective method for removing rust from sand washing machine

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The sand washing machine is a washing equipment for washing sand and gravel surface dust and clay with water. The equipment will be stained with these sand washing sewage and mud during work. The construction site of the sand washing machine is mostly in the open environment, and the equipment is directly exposed to the sun. Accepting the sun, wind and rain, the harsh environment of the site, and the erosion of soil and rain, make the sand washing machine equipment quickly appear various rust phenomena. Therefore, it is a basic skill that every user of sand washer equipment must master to quickly and effectively derust the sand washing machine.

The hazards of corrosion of sand washing machine equipment

At present, most of the sand washer equipment on the market uses steel as the main material of the equipment body. As the service life increases, rust will gradually appear. Due to the loose and porous nature of rust, once rust appears on the surface of steel, it will gradually fail to protect the inner layer of iron, and the rusty equipment on the surface will gradually rust inward, which will not only affect production efficiency and efficiency, but also significantly shorten The service life of the equipment. Therefore, when the equipment starts to show surface corrosion, it should be dealt with in time.

Two methods for removing rust from sand washing machines

1. Derusting with high pressure water. High-pressure water rust removal is an environmentally friendly and economical new rust removal method. High-pressure water jet equipment is used to remove rust on the surface of steel equipment. This rust removal method is characterized by no dust pollution, no damage, and can greatly improve Rust removal efficiency.

2. Sandblasting and rust removal. This method mainly uses high-pressure air to bring out the quartz sand and spray it to the surface to achieve a rust removal method. In the sand washing machine production line, sand and gravel are touchable materials with inexhaustible sources. Sandblasting is used to remove rust. The rust method is not only low cost, but also very fast and effective.

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