Quartz sand production line for photovoltaic glass

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LZZG designed a simple and effective photovoltaic glass quartz sand production line for an Indonesian customer’s quartz sand mine. The raw quartz sand ore is purified through water washing, mechanical scrubbing, screening, and magnetic separation. The purity of silica can reach 99.5%.
1. Cleaning is an important part of quartz sand processing. Its purpose is to remove impurities and attachments on the surface of quartz sand. It is usually cleaned by soaking, stirring, scrubbing, etc. to remove impurities such as soil and slag in the quartz sand. Ultrasonic cleaning can also be used. During the cleaning process, attention should be paid to controlling the cleaning time and concentration of the cleaning agent to avoid unnecessary damage to the quartz sand.

2. Iron impurities in quartz sand during iron removal process will affect the transmittance and quality of photovoltaic glass. The iron removal process generally uses a combination of magnetic separation and acid leaching to remove iron impurities in quartz sand. Magnetic separation generally uses a high-intensity magnetic separator to remove ferromagnetic impurities, and acid leaching generally uses hydrofluoric acid to remove non-ferromagnetic impurities. During the iron removal process, the concentration and reaction time of the iron removal agent should be controlled to ensure the iron removal effect.

3. Screening is the process of classifying crushed and ground quartz sand according to particle size. Packaging is to package the screened quartz sand according to certain specifications for transportation and storage. During the screening and packaging processes, attention should be paid to preventing secondary contamination and damage to ensure product quality and safety.

4. Sand washing sewage treatment and recycling. Use deep cone thickener and filter press to purify sand washing sewage.

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