Properties and applications of recycled aggregates

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What is recycled aggregate? Aggregate made of waste concrete in construction waste by crushing and screening is called recycled rough, multi-angled, large specific surface area and large water absorption. Therefore, the unit water consumption when using it to prepare concrete It is larger than ordinary concrete, and the slump loss of concrete is also large. The strength and elastic modulus of recycled aggregate concrete are equivalent to 66% of that of natural aggregate concrete.

Recycled aggregates are divided into two categories, one is recycled concrete aggregates and recycled brick aggregates, among which recycled concrete aggregates are classified into 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 16-31.5mm specifications and models, Among them, most of their application scenarios are to replace or partially replace natural sand for sand and gravel cushions, road laying, brick making, concrete mixing, water stabilization, limestone sandblasting, roadbed filling, extreme sand distribution It is suitable for industrial and civil construction engineering, municipal engineering, landscaping, decoration, road engineering, sponge city construction engineering, etc.

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Recycled aggregate products are widely used, such as construction waste recycled aggregate solid brick, which has high strength, is not afraid of water and weathering, corrosion resistance, thin powder layer, low cost, fast construction, low damage, standard size, small dispersion, The characteristics of renewable resources and recycling can be used in various building interior and exterior walls, load-bearing walls, infill walls, enclosure walls and other parts according to needs, suitable for industrial and civil building landscaping, municipal transportation, decoration and installation projects.

Such as construction waste recycled aggregate permeable brick, it has the characteristics of ventilation and water permeability, improving climate, alleviating heat island, simple paving, convenient and economical, absorbing noise, comfortable and safe, rich in color, natural and simple, and economical. It is suitable for municipal squares, pedestrians Trails, parking lots, bicycle paths, landscape roads and other places with high water permeability requirements.

The construction waste recycled aggregate grass planting brick has the characteristics of rich patterns, beautiful appearance, reducing radiation, reducing heat, preserving humidity, improving the environment, permeable and breathable, protecting flowers and numbers, being easy to rectify, and being economical and practical. It is suitable for field squares, school parking lots, community green parks, family courtyards and other places.

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