Nickel ore washing machine for sale in Philippines

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Nickel ore sand washing machine

Laterite nickel ore washing equipment is an equipment that uses hydraulic or mechanical force to scrub the ore that is cemented by clay or contains more mud, so that the ore is broken up, and the fine mud on the surface of the ore is washed and separated. The washing of laterite nickel ore consists of two operations: crushing, dispersing and separating. The crushing operation mainly uses the washing and soaking effects of water to swell and disperse the clay, and sometimes it is also supplemented by mechanical impact, stirring and peeling to accelerate the crushing process. The separation operation is mainly to separate the clay from the ore particles according to the different particle size. According to the particle size characteristics of the raw ore, the separation operation can adopt wet screening or hydraulic classification, or both.

The washing equipment used in laterite ore mainly includes cylinder washing machine, trough washing machine and stirring and scrubbing tank.

Cylinder Concentrator

The ore with high mud content and high moisture content is fed from the feeding end of the drum washing machine. The center of the drum is equipped with high-pressure washing water. The ore enters the rotating drum and is continuously brought with the liner installed in the drum with a certain angle. Lifting and dropping, from the feeding end to the discharging end, after several cycles of washing, it is washed and washed by high-pressure washing water in the forward or reverse direction. The cleaned ore is dehydrated after being dehydrated by the cylindrical screen at the discharge end, and the fine-grained ore pulp is discharged from the Discharge under the sieve.

Trough washing machine

When selecting the slot type scrubbing machine, the ore size should be fully considered to select the slot type scrubbing machine’s blade size, blade type, and the angle of the slot scrubbing machine. The size and type of the blade will directly affect the amount of sand returned by the trough washing machine. The above parameters should be determined according to the test conditions before equipment selection and ordering.

Stirring and scrubbing tank

The stirring and scrubbing tank is a powerful stirring and scrubbing equipment, which removes impurities through friction and strong scrubbing. In structure, a row of double-impeller agitating tanks is usually composed of double or multiple tanks, each tank has an independent transmission system, and the double-impeller agitator of each tank rotates at a high speed. The spiral directions of the two coaxial impellers are opposite, and the axial thrust and stirring force of the two impellers are different. The installation of the two impellers is related to the direction of the ore flow, and the direction of the scrubbing force is the same as the direction of the slurry flow in the process system. In the scrubbing process, the slurry is first pushed by the strong impeller, and then reversely pushed by the weak impeller, so that the minerals collide and rub at high speed under the strong bidirectional force between the two impellers, so that the impurities and sludge attached to the mineral surface are removed. .

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