Lithium ore beneficiation washing method

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Treatment methods of lepidolite

Lepidolite mostly uses positive flotation. Its working principle is that according to the easy-to-float characteristics of lepidolite, the positive flotation method is often used in the mineral processing process to select the minerals with foam, and then perform normal drying treatment, and finally select Lithium concentrate.

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Lithium ore washer for removing clay

Spodumene beneficiation method

Spodumene can be used for positive flotation or reverse flotation. The positive flotation process is the process of preferential flotation of spodumene. The method is to add sodium hydroxide to the slurry at the beginning for stirring and scrubbing to remove surface pollutants. After desliming and washing, the following three methods are followed: deal with:

(1) Mica first, then spodumene, and finally feldspar

(2) First spodumene, then mica, then feldspar

(3) Mixed flotation of spodumene and mica, and finally pumice

The reverse flotation operation process is carried out in alkaline slurry, using dextrin, starch, etc. as inhibitors of spodumene, pine alcohol oil as foaming agent, and amine cationic collectors to flotate quartz, feldspar, mica, etc. The gangue mineral, after removing iron from the product in the tank, is spodumene.

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