How to solve the loud noise of aluminum ore crusher

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1. Periodic troubleshooting of equipment: machine failure will cause additional noise, such as the deviation of the belt will cause the sound of the belt hitting the product, such as the noise produced by the crusher if there is a problem with the discharge, and the machine resonance noise caused by the decline of the machine foundation. If this kind of noise occurs, you should contact the technical personnel as soon as possible to solve the fault and avoid bigger
2. Improvement of equipment technology: try to use low-noise equipment to fundamentally solve the problem of high noise, or improve the precision of mining machinery processing and assembly to reduce mechanical noise; for high-pressure and high-speed airflow, reduce the pressure difference and flow rate, or change the airflow Nozzle shape.
3. Control during transmission: Reasonable design in the overall layout: When planning the production site, keep the main noise source workshop or noise equipment away from the quiet workshop,
4. Protection of noise recipients of compound crushers: For workers who have been working in noisy environments for a long time, various protective measures are taken, such as wearing earplugs, earmuffs, helmets and other anti-noise products, to shorten the time for workers to enter high-noise environments. Time and other measures to reduce the harm of noise to workers’ health.

Aluminum ore blow bar fine crusher is currently the most demanded equipment in the field of machine-made sand, because pebbles are hard and have good sand-making strength, similar to river sand. In addition, there are many raw materials for pebbles. In the past, a lot of discarded river pebbles were used to make stone because they cannot form cubes, have a smooth surface, and are not very good aggregates. This means that although the cost of making sand from river pebbles is high, it is more popular to invest in machine-made sand made from river pebbles due to the high price of sand making.

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