How do sand and gravel companies build green mines?

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Green mine development

1) Stope preparations follow the principle of simultaneous mining and stripping and stripping first, to maximize the preservation of the original natural environment and reduce environmental disturbances.
2) The dump site selects sites with stable geological conditions through surveys to avoid occupying the mineable volume, and facilitate future mining areas for environmental restoration and land reclamation. The site layout is reasonable.
3. Green production
1) The design of the production line meets the requirements of GB 51186 “Design Specification for Machine-made Aggregate Plants”;
2) Choose advanced technology and equipment according to factors such as parent rock material performance, product structure, capacity requirements, etc., configure auxiliary facilities consistent with production scale and technology, and reasonably plan stacking, loading and unloading, and equipment maintenance sites. The layout of the venues is reasonable.
3) Gradually utilize sand and gravel resources according to the quality of raw materials, achieve high-quality and optimal use, and increase the yield of sand and gravel products. The yield rate is higher than the industry average.


Comprehensive utilization

1. Utilization of stone powder
After the stone powder is collected, it is fully and reasonably used. Calcareous stone powder and low-absorptive siliceous stone powder can be used to produce cement, concrete and mortar, or for deep processing of products to increase the added value of products; high-absorptive siliceous stone powder can be used to produce mortar, environmental protection bricks, and new walls Materials, ceramics, siliceous raw materials for cement, etc. Meet the above requirements.

2. Mud powder utilization
The mud powder or mud cake formed after the sedimentation mud in wet production is dehydrated and dried is used for new wall materials, land reclamation and soil improvement.

3. Utilization of topsoil and muck
The topsoil stripped or sieved muck piled up in the dumping yard is used for environmental management, land reclamation and ecological restoration.


Waste discharge

1) Dust emission
①In the process of ore mining and sand and gravel production, the management ideas of dust control, process collaborative control, terminal monitoring, and system linkage integration achieve the goals of environmental protection, energy saving and clean production.
②The mining area is equipped with sprinklers, high-pressure spray trucks and other equipment.
③Install high-efficiency dust removal devices at the continuous dust generation parts such as loaders, crushers, screening machines, shaping machines, sand making machines, and conveyor ports.

2) Sewage discharge
① There are rainwater intercepting (draining) ditches and catch basins in the mining area and factory area, and the surface runoff water is discharged after precipitation treatment.
②The production drainage, rainwater and domestic sewage of the mining area and factory area shall realize the diversion of rain and sewage and the diversion of cleaning and sewage.

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