High purity quartz sand tailings treatment

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Due to the high quality requirements for high-purity quartz sand finished products, huge losses are incurred during production and processing. On average, 2.5 tons of quartz sand raw ore is required to produce 1 ton of high-purity quartz sand, correspondingly producing 1.5 tons of quartz sand tailings.

The quartz sand raw ore available for mining is gradually shrinking. The purification and processing of quartz sand tailings can reduce mining costs, and also realizes the regeneration treatment of quartz sand tailings, reducing the production costs of enterprises.

High-purity quartz sand tailings themselves have a large number of bubbles, and at the same time there are many metal impurities such as iron and aluminum, and they are present as inclusion impurities, making it difficult to purify. Therefore, the added value of quartz sand tailings is low and the market price is relatively low.

High purity quartz sand tailings purification process flow

The treatment of quartz sand tailings should be carried out in sequence according to the basic process flow of crushing, rough selection, calcination, water quenching, grinding, magnetic separation, pickling, cleaning and drying.

The crushed quartz sand tailings are roughly selected to remove obvious impurities, and then mixed with sodium oxide solids for calcination. After calcination, the quartz sand is rinsed and quenched with water to crack the quartz sand and remove the normal sodium silicate on the surface.

The ball mill equipment is then used to grind the quartz sand tailings using wet grinding process, and then magnetic separation, pickling, cleaning and drying are carried out in sequence.

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