Gold ore gravity separation process

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Gravity separation process is a process that utilizes the difference in density and particle size of minerals, and uses the combined action of medium fluid and various mechanical forces to create suitable loose layering and separation conditions, thereby obtaining products with different densities or different particle sizes. Since the density of gold minerals is much higher than that of gangue minerals, the gold ore containing granular gold should be treated by gravity separation.

Application field: Gravity separation is the traditional and most basic placer gold beneficiation method, and it is also an effective method commonly used in vein gold minerals to recover monomer dissociated coarse-grained gold before and after flotation or leaching.

Gold ore gravity separation process

Placer gold re-election:

It is generally divided into processes such as crushing, screening, desliming, and sorting. Crushing and screening are the processes of breaking up gold-containing mud and screening large gold-free gravel. The main equipment includes cylindrical sieves and vibrating screens.

Desliming is the process of washing away the fine mud that interferes with the separation process. The main equipment includes desliming hoppers of various specifications; the separation of placer gold is usually the joint operation of several gravity separation equipment, and the gravity separation equipment selected mainly includes chutes, jigs, agitation chutes, spiral separators, shaking tables, centrifugal concentrators and cone concentrators, etc.

Placer gold ore beneficiation can be divided into two methods: gold beneficiation by gold dredger and gold beneficiation by fixed washing unit.

Gold ore gravity separation process

Vein gold ore re-election:

It is an effective method for recovery of monomer dissociated coarse-grained gold before and after flotation or leaching of vein gold minerals. This will help improve gold recovery and simplify the process.

Years of practice have proved that: the combination system of iron remover + jig + shaking table + inclined tube thickening box has a high gravity recovery rate, smooth flow, and reliable operation. The jig is usually placed between the mill and classification equipment as a roughing equipment. The ore discharged from the mill is first sent to the jig, and the heavy minerals separated by it are sent to the shaking table for re-election, and the light minerals flow to the classifier by itself. The final grade of re-selected rough gold can reach 40-45%, which can be directly smelted into high-purity gold ingots. In this configuration, the jig is a typical gravity separation equipment that embodies the principle of “capable harvest and early harvest”, which is conducive to improving gravity separation and total recovery; the configuration of centrifuge + shaker is also used in some gold processing plants.

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