General failure of vibrating feeder in operation and its solution

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The electric vibrator does not vibrate after the power is turned on
cause of issue
1. The fuse is blown
2. No output from the control box
3. The coil is open or the lead is broken


Replace the fuse
Overhaul the control box
Reconnect the outlet

Adjust the potentiometer, the vibration is weak, and it has little or no effect on the amplitude.
cause of issue
1. The thyristor breaks down and loses its rectification function.
2. The output of the control box is too small.
3. After replacing the coil, the polarity is wrong.
4. The air gap is blocked.

Replace the thyristor
Overhaul the control box
Change the polarity of the coil connection
Remove foreign objects

The machine is noisy. Adjusting the amplitude of the potentiometer reflects the irregular and violent impact sound.
cause of issue
1. The coil spring is broken.
2. The connecting bolt between the vibration exciter and the tank body is loose or broken, and the iron core and the armature collide.
Replace with new spring
Tighten or replace bolts
Increase the air gap appropriately

The electric vibrator works intermittently or the current fluctuates up and down
cause of issue
1. The coil is damaged.
2. Poor contact inside the control box.
Repair or replace the coil
Check solder joints or replace components with poor performance

Working normally but the current is too large
cause of issue
The air gap is too large
Appropriately reduce the air gap

After the no-load test run with normal load, the amplitude decreases more.
cause of issue
The silo discharge port is not properly designed, so that the hopper bears too much pressure on the material column
Redesign or improve the silo opening design to reduce the column pressure

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