Fluorite crushing and screening machine

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Fluorite is the main source of fluorine in industry. It is widely used in aerospace, refrigeration, medicine, anti-corrosion, fire fighting, electronics, machinery, and atomic energy. The sand production line in Fengyang, Anhui uses wet sand production using a fluorite ore as raw material, fine sand recovery machines and dewatering screen equipment are used.

sand production line

Fluorite decalcification beneficiation process

It consists of one rough selection and multiple selection operations. The rough selection operation mainly uses crushers and vibrating machines for preliminary annoying rough selection operations. The selection operation is to carry out washing, recycling and dewatering operations on the materials, so as to reach high Fine sand quality. The fluorite mine dewatering screen mainly solves the dewatering treatment of the material after the washing operation in the sand making process, so that the moisture of the fluorite particles is in a very good state.

User Evaluation
After the use of lzzg fluorite screening equipment in Fengyang, Anhui, the economic benefits have been improved. The dewatering screen of fluorite mine did not have any hourglass sand in the working process, which greatly guarantees the quality of fine sand. The LZZG dewatering screen has a sand production rate of 95% in the sand production line, and the equipment has high dewatering efficiency and simple operation.

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