Fault causes and solution of spiral sand classifier

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The spiral sand classifier is widely used in various ore mining industries. Its main working principle is to stir the materials through the screw device inside the equipment, and separate the dust and impurities of the sand and gravel materials through the different sedimentation speed of different materials.

spiral sand classifier

The phenomenon of turning over when the equipment is washing sand
The cause of the fault: the equipment speed is too high.

Troubleshooting method: first try to adjust the equipment speed. If the turning phenomenon still exists after the speed is adjusted, consider that the horizontal axis of the spiral disc of the equipment is not fixed properly. At this time, the production line should be stopped in order and the equipment should be inspected and troubleshooting. Continue to work.

The discharge port is blocked
The cause of the failure: the granularity of sand and gravel in the slurry is too fine, and the amount of single feeding is too large, which causes the material to be deposited at the discharge port.

Troubleshooting method: If the discharge port is blocked, you should stop in time, stop feeding, open all the discharge ports, and then restart the operation after cleaning the sand machine with clean water.

Equipment broken shaft
Causes of the failure: uneven sand return; insufficient strength of the hollow shaft; uneven running load of the classifier; incorrect installation of the hollow shaft; improper operation by personnel, etc.

Troubleshooting method: replace or weld the hollow shaft after parking.

Spiral blades or bent spokes
The cause of the failure: The amount of sand returned during the operation of the equipment is too large, causing the sand return tank to be blocked; before the equipment is started, the screw lift is not enough.

Troubleshooting: Repair the spiral blades and spokes after parking or replace with new blade spokes.

Equipment gear idling
The cause of the fault: The gap between the gears is too large, causing unexpected situations such as displacement, which in turn causes the equipment spindle or gear to spin idly.

Troubleshooting method: do the daily maintenance of the equipment, add lubricating oil to the equipment gear regularly to avoid excessive wear; during installation, the gap between the gear and the shaft should be set correctly to avoid the gap being too large or too small.

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