Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder Troubleshooting and Maintenance

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For the general faults and treatment methods of the feeder during operation, please refer to the following table.

serial number fault symptoms cause of issue Approach
1 The vibrator does not vibrate after turning on the power 1. The fuse is blown
2. The control box has no output
3. The coil is open circuit or the lead wire is broken
Replace the fuse
Overhaul control box
Reconnect the line
2 Adjust the potentiometer, the vibration is weak, and the amplitude is small or ineffective. 1. The thyristor breaks down and loses the rectification effect.
2. The output of the control box is too small.
3. After replacing the coil, the polarity is wrong.
4. The air gap is blocked.
Replace the thyristor
Overhaul control box
Change the coil connection polarity
Remove foreign bodies
3 The machine is noisy, adjust the potentiometer amplitude to reflect the irregular violent impact sound. 1. The coil spring is broken.
2. The bolts connecting the exciter and the tank body are loose or broken, and the iron core and the bit collide.
Replace with new spring
Tighten or replace bolts
Properly increase the air gap
4 The vibrator works intermittently or the current fluctuates up and down 1. The coil is damaged.
2. Poor contact inside the control box.
Repair or replace the coil
Check solder joints or replace underperforming components
5 Works fine but the current is too high air gap too large Appropriately reduce the air gap
6 After the no-load test run under normal load, the amplitude decreases a lot. Improper design of the discharge port of the silo, which causes the trough to bear the excessive pressure of the material column Redesign or improve silo port design to reduce column pressure

Productivity regulation
The production adjustment of the vibrating feeder usually adopts the following two methods:
(1) Adjust the amplitude of the electric vibration machine. Within the rated amplitude range, the amplitude can be directly adjusted by rotating the potentiometer knob of the control box or inputting the automatic control signal, so that the productivity of the electric vibration machine can be adjusted steplessly.
(2) Adjust the size of the silo gate and the height from the bottom of the trough, and change the thickness of the material layer, which can also achieve the purpose of adjusting the productivity of the electric vibration machine.

Operation and Maintenance
(1) Check whether the bolts of various parts are loose at any time and fasten them in time.
(2) Always pay attention that the pointer of the ammeter cannot exceed the rated maximum value.
(3) The air gap between the iron core and the armature must be kept parallel and clean under any circumstances to ensure the stability of the work. When working in dusty occasions or as ferromagnetic materials, the exciter is sealed. The cover is tight. During operation, pay attention to whether there is any impact sound between the iron core and the armature. If you hear the impact sound, stop immediately to check and re-adjust the air gap.
(4) If abnormal vibration is found, for example, the noise suddenly increases, the pointer of the ammeter swings irregularly, etc., it should be stopped immediately for inspection.

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