Drum screen for wood chip soil screening

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trommel screen

The trommel screen is used in sorting fields such as municipal solid waste, decorative waste, and scrap metal. It is suitable for screening stones, mines, sand, sawdust, organic fertilizers, wastes of various characteristics, and improves the throughput and performance of the screening system. reliability. This product is well received by customers. According to the size of waste, it can be quickly and roughly divided, screened horizontally, without clogging, self-cleaning, and easy to replace.

Advantages of trommel screen

1. It adopts the principle of rolling conveying with small friction coefficient, light wear, and the sieve hole is not easy to be blocked.

2. The overall through-shaft structure is supported by rollers, with smooth operation, no vibration and low noise.

3. It adopts split design, simple structure, convenient replacement and maintenance, and simple internal drum screen accessories.

4. The drum body adopts an effective fully sealed structure with less dust and less pollution.

5. Reliable operation, adopting deceleration drive, high transmission efficiency, low belt power and low energy consumption.

6. Different screen materials, screen hole sizes, high screening rate, long service life and low maintenance cost can be customized according to customer requirements.

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