Classification equipment for phosphate rock

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Use crushers and ball mills to reduce the particle size of phosphate rock, so that phosphorus minerals and impurity minerals are dissociated. Phosphorus minerals and impurity minerals in phosphate rock are often cemented together to varying degrees. Only when they are ground to a certain particle size can the Dissociate. Separation of fine ore particles, such as phosphate rock slime, clay ore and fine-grained quartz. Because the wet slime often adheres to the phosphate rock, sometimes it forms a mud mass, which must be dispersed by scrubbing before it can be separated. Water washing can also remove some soluble substances, such as sodium chloride and free lime in calcined phosphate rock. Grading is often required after crushing and washing. The commonly used grading equipment is a spiral classifier.

For raw materials with relatively coarse particle size, the sintered membrane flotation method is adopted, and the enrichment particle size is -1.17+0.4 mm. The sorting equipment is a jet inflatable flotation machine; Particle size up to 3mm.

For the selected materials of 0.5 ~ 1 mm, both split flow flotation and countercurrent flotation are available;

For fine-grained or ultra-fine-grained phosphate rock or phosphate rock slime, according to the characteristics that the floatability of phosphorus minerals, carbonate minerals, and silicate minerals in phosphate rock varies with the particle size, there is a graded floatation method. selected trend.

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