What equipment is used in the ceramsite sand production line

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The ceramsite sand can be processed from bauxite, coal gangue, shale, sludge, domestic waste, clay, and other raw materials. The following will introduce the process of processing ceramsite sand from bauxite, coal gangue, and shale. Production Process.

As the name suggests, ceramsite sand equipment is used to produce the exclusive process for making ceramsite sand. Because ceramsite sand has the advantages of high strength and high firmness, it is mostly used in building materials, horticulture, chemical industry, petroleum, and other departments. The field of application of ceramsite sand is getting wider and wider and attracting more and more attention from investment users.

1. What is the complete set of ceramsite sand production equipment?

In addition to the calcination of ceramsite sand, the whole ceramsite sand production equipment needs to be crushed and ground to a certain extent for some large pieces of raw materials. Sand production equipment generally includes crushers, scrubbers, vibrating screens, sand washers, sludge filter presses, feeders, etc. As for how to choose the matching ratio in the specific production process, it also depends on the actual production situation of the user.

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2. Process flow

Under normal circumstances, the ceramsite sand production line can be roughly divided into mining-crushing-screening-sand washing-finished products. The specific operation process is as follows:

1. Broken

The mined bauxite is generally about 300~500mm in size and contains a small amount of water. Generally, the crusher is used for crushing, and the particle size is controlled at ≤8mm.

2. Sand making

The crushed materials are transported to the sand making machine through the conveyor belt, and the sand making machine adopts the sand making method of stone-on-stone and stone-on-iron to process the stones into sand.

3. Scrub

The material is screened and washed by the scrubbing machine. Since the material is continuously fed in, the scrubbed material is continuously discharged from the discharge port to complete the scrubbing work.

4. Screening

The treated ceramsite sand can be directly transported to the multi-stage vibrating screen, divided into multiple particle size grades as required, and then bagged and packaged.

5. Sand washing

The screened finished sand is cleaned by a sand washing machine, desilted and excess fine powder, and then passed through a dewatering screen to obtain finished water-washed machine-made sand, which is transported to the finished product pile.

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