Block coal and pulverized coal separation drum screen

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In order to improve the quality of lump coal, a DT75 fixed conveyor is installed on the ground main transport system for picking, but it cannot solve the problem of final coal screening. In view of the existing problems, the management personnel of the mine logistics service area independently developed and processed rotary screening equipment by using existing materials and accessories, which was installed above the conveyor to realize the screening and separation of lump coal and final coal.

Rotary screening equipment is mainly composed of main frame, cylindrical rotating screen, motor and gearbox and other components.

Coal drum screen application effect 

With rotary screening equipment, about 20% of the final coal can be screened per ton of lump coal (the unit price of final coal is higher than that of lump coal and it is easy to sell). According to the monthly screening of 10,000 tons of lump coal, 2,000 tons of final coal can be screened, and the unit price of the last coal is higher than that of block coal by 200 yuan / ton, that is, it can increase income by about 400,000 yuan per month and increase benefits by nearly 5 million yuan per year.

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