Adjustment method of cyclone in coal washing plant

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hydrocyclone in coal washing plant

Recently, the indicator of clean coal loss in the coal washing plant has fluctuated greatly. Through combing the production process system, conducting experiments on CSS equipment and three-product cyclone sorting, and conducting comprehensive analysis, it is finally determined that the problem lies in the C system 509# On the main cyclone, when the equipment is washing raw coal, the loss of coal in the product is extremely unstable.

The performance of the cyclone failure is that part of the clean coal is mixed in the China Coal product, and this part of the clean coal is sold at the price of China Coal, which affects the income. Therefore, it is imminent to solve the problem!

After communicating with the manufacturer, the equipment manufacturer’s opinion was adopted to adjust the length and size of the first and second connecting pipes of the cyclone, but the manufacturer only suggested, but did not give the applicable size, so the heavy responsibility fell back to the coal washers themselves shoulders.
Draw the equipment according to 1:1, and then use the computer to conduct multiple simulation experiments. The conclusion is to reduce the taper of the first section of the 509# cyclone cone by 1 degree, and then adjust the length and size of the first and second sections of the connecting pipe at the same time . After the completion of the transformation, the coal washing and mixed coal belt coal loss of the coal washing plant has dropped by about 0.5%, and the monthly efficiency increase has reached 30,000 yuan, and the annual efficiency increase is expected to be as high as 360,000 yuan.

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