5 factors that cause the vibrating screen amplitude to be small

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The vibrating screen is often used in the rock sand production line to screen and classify the sand and gravel. The user can control the speed of screening by adjusting the amplitude of the vibrating screen.

The reasons for the small amplitude of the vibrating screen

1. Insufficient power supply voltage

For example, the vibrating screen is designed according to 380V three-phase electricity. If the circuit is not connected according to the regulations, the voltage will be insufficient, which will cause the vibration screen to have a small amplitude.

2. Too few eccentric blocks

By increasing or decreasing the number of eccentric blocks to control the magnitude of the amplitude, you can try increasing the number of eccentric blocks to increase the amplitude.

3. The included angle of the eccentric block is too small

If the vibrating screen is equipped with a vibrating motor, the angle between the eccentric blocks at both ends of the motor shaft will also affect the amplitude. The smaller the angle, the larger the exciting force, the larger the amplitude, and the smaller the amplitude, so you can change the angle by changing the angle. to adjust the amplitude.

4. Large amount of feeding material and more accumulated material

If the stone material conveyed to the screen surface at one time exceeds its bearing range, there will be too much remaining material or accumulated material in the screen surface and the sieve funnel, which will lead to an increase in the equipment load and affect the amplitude. At this time, it is necessary to stop the machine first, reduce the material on the screen to the normal range, and then start. In addition, the particle size of the material is directly related to the calculation result of the vibrating screen amplitude.

5. The spring design is unreasonable

The vibrating screen is mainly composed of vibrator, screen box, supporting device, transmission device, etc. The spring is an important part of the supporting device, so when designing the spring, the net variable of the spring should be less than the height of the device, otherwise, it will cause the vibrating screen The amplitude is small; however, if the net deflection of the spring is too large, it may cause the body to disengage from the spring.

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