Why rotary drum screen is best for garbage separation

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At present, the screening tools are mainly divided into fixed screen, rotary screen, vibrating screen and swing screen. Which screener is suit for domestic waste separation?

Domestic waste refers to solid waste generated in daily life or activities that provide services for urban daily life, as well as solid waste that is regarded as urban domestic waste by laws and administrative regulations, and it is an inevitable component of human life. Heterogeneous mixture. Mainly includes all kinds of decoration and packaging waste such as brick and tile porcelain, muck, scattered mortar and concrete fragments, fine glass, metal, etc. after decoration. Kitchen waste mainly includes corpses of vegetables, plants and animals, fruit peels and Fruit and other large household wastes such as waste household appliances mainly include household and institutional wooden waste furniture and waste household appliances and other market-market wastes, mainly including vegetable skins, poultry and aquatic processing wastes.

1. Fixed screen. The screen surface is composed of many parallel-arranged screen strips, which can be installed horizontally or obliquely. This kind of equipment is widely used in solid waste treatment because of its simple structure, no power consumption, low equipment cost and convenient maintenance.

rotary screen for garbage separation

2. Rotary screen. The rolling screen is also called a rotary drum screen, and its screen surface is a cylindrical barrel with holes. During operation, the sieve cylinder is slowly rotated around the shaft under the drive of the transmission device; solid waste is fed from one end of the sieve cylinder, and is carried by the rotating cylinder. When it reaches a certain height, it should fall by itself under the action of gravity. The fine particles smaller than the size of the sieve are penetrated through the sieve, and the product on the sieve is gradually moved to the other end of the sieve and discharged. In order to advance the waste along the axis of the cylinder, the axis of the screen cylinder is generally installed at an angle.

vibrating screen

3. Vibrating screen. The vibrating screen works by using the double-rotation vibration generated by vibrator excitation. The upper rotating weight of the vibrator causes plane whirl vibration of the screen surface, while the lower rotating weight produces conical surface slewing vibration of the screen surface, and its combined effect causes the screen surface to produce double-rotation type vibration. Its vibration trajectory is a complex space curve. The projection of the curve on the horizontal plane is a circle, and the projection on the vertical plane is an ellipse. The amplitude can be changed by adjusting the exciting force of the upper and lower rotating weights. Adjusting the spatial phase angle of the upper and lower weights can change the curve shape of the trajectory of the screen surface and change the trajectory of the material on the screen surface.

4. Swing sieve. The inclination angle of the screen surface is generally 120, and the screen frame is horizontally reciprocated by the crank connecting rod mechanism, and the material moves downwards and downwards during shaking, so as to realize the separation of large and broken materials from qualified materials.

Analysis of the above-mentioned several screen types When the vibrating screen is at a lower frequency, the siltation of domestic garbage on the screen surface is quite serious. When the vibration frequency is higher, the siltation rate decreases: but there is still a phenomenon of siltation. When the vibration frequency is high and the siltation rate is already low, since the vibrating screen does not have the effect of letting the domestic garbage roll over, the domestic waste material wraps small materials, resulting in a low screening efficiency of the vibrating screen. Moreover, from the perspective of power consumption, the drum screen and the vibrating screen are equipped with motors of the same model and power in the experiment. When the vibrating screen obtains the highest sorting efficiency, although this sorting efficiency is lower than that of the rotary screen , But still requires greater power consumption. The vibrating screen is not suitable for screening domestic waste.

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