What model of filter press is better for sand washing plant

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The sand washing plant will produce a large amount of sewage during the production and operation process. For the treatment of these sand washing sewage slurry, it is recommended to use a belt filter press.

How does the belt filter press turn sewage into mud cake + clean water?

The sewage enters the thickening tank for mud-water separation, and the sludge sinks into the bottom of the tank, while the sewage becomes clear water and flows into the clear water tank. Such clear water can continue to be recycled for sand washing; secondly, the sludge that sinks into the bottom of the tank enters the belt filter press, Most of the free water is removed through the ultra-long gravity dehydration zone to form sludge in a stagnant state, and then enters the multiple double-roller extrusion dehydration zone for further dehydration to form a solid mud cake with a moisture content of about 50%. Finally, the sludge is The cake can be directly loaded and transported or landfilled or incinerated. The whole process has zero emissions and meets environmental protection standards! One step in place, simple and convenient!

The belt sludge filter press has a high degree of automation, simple operation, high operating efficiency, and can save a large amount of labor costs; high dehydration efficiency, good treatment effect, low moisture content of mud cake, saving the cost of mud cake transportation and treatment; The cost of mud flocculant conditioning preparation is low. Conventional sludge dewatering equipment needs to add more conditioning agent due to the low pressing pressure of the equipment, and the sludge needs to be fully modified to reduce the difficulty of dehydration, so as to achieve the ideal dehydration effect. The quality of the equipment is guaranteed, and the use of anti-corrosion and durable materials avoids frequent expenditures for maintenance costs.

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