What is the rotational speed of the high efficiency trommel screen

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The selection of coal drum screen motor seems simple, but it is actually a deep knowledge. I hope that the technicians of the manufacturers who need this equipment can conduct more in-depth research on this. If necessary, please contact our company, we will do our best at your service.

The meshes with too large or too small size are first selected for measurement, and then two representative sampling locations are selected. Measure 10 consecutive mesh apertures, and then calculate the average value as the mesh: fL~L diameter. For screens with less than 2O meshes. All mesh apertures should be calibrated virtually.

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If the above points can be considered when calibrating the test sieve. Not only can bring a lot of convenience to the calibration work. Moreover, when enterprises use screens, they will not be dissatisfied with the screening accuracy, unsatisfactory screening output, inconvenient operation of screening equipment, troublesome replacement of screens, and short service life of screens. Can also meet customer requirements. Not only help them strictly control the quality, but also truly consider for customers, in addition. It can also improve the efficiency of calibration work and the accuracy of the measurement results of screen aperture and wire diameter.

Therefore, the speed of the conventional coal drum screen is about 15 revolutions per minute, and the speed of the smaller coal drum screen is about 20-25 revolutions per minute. This is the result of angle analysis as a coal trommel screen manufacturer. I hope everyone has to help. In addition, I would like to remind everyone that the maintenance of the trommel screen must be paid attention to after the coal trommel screen is used. In this way, whether it is the improvement of productivity, the reduction of failure rate, or the increase of service life, it is of great benefit.

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