What are the uses of ceramsite sand

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What is ceramsite sand

Ceramsite is made of clay, slate, shale, coal gangue, and industrial solid waste and other raw materials, and is sintered by ceramics. It is generally used to replace gravel and pebbles in concrete. Ceramsite sand has many advantages, so it is widely used. It has good water purification effect, low water absorption, good frost resistance and durability. Ceramsite sand can be used to make ceramsite concrete.

ceramsite sand

The application range of ceramsite sand is getting wider and wider

1. Industrial sewage and drinking water treatment, industrial circulating water treatment.

2. Advanced treatment and reuse of sewage (waste) water and reclaimed water, and treatment of circulating water in swimming pools.

3. Water treatment for fish farms and indoor fish farming systems, iron and manganese removal from groundwater.

4. Micro-pollution (ammonia nitrogen) treatment in water supply, high-purity preparation pretreatment system.

5. Circulating water treatment in the production process of steel rolling and continuous casting.

6. Biological carrier of biological aeration tank and treatment of oily wastewater.

7. The ceramsite sand is used as a fracturing proppant, mainly for oil field stimulation. The ceramsite is pressed into the cracks of the formation, and then the oil can flow out through the channel formed between the ceramsite.

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