What are the raw materials of high purity quartz sand?

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Although quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth, high-purity quartz raw material can only form under geological conditions that meet a specific set of chemical and physical parameters. Currently, only a few quartz deposits are suitable for processing into high-purity quartz, and the processing technology is extremely complex.

Natural quartz minerals can be divided into magmatic, metamorphic and hydrothermal growth types according to their genetic types. The typical high-purity quartz raw material in the world is the granite pegmatite in the SprucePine area of ​​the United States. It is a high-purity quartz deposit formed by the movement of the Alhanian greenschist. Under the influence of the Alehanian greenschist movement, the crustal movement in this area has significantly different deformations from other areas, resulting in dynamic recrystallization of quartz, plastic deformation of quartz grain crystals, and interstitial impurities within the crystal along the newly formed grain boundaries. Concentration, the liquid accompanying the deformation movement, facilitates the dissolution and migration of impurities from the recrystallized quartz grains.

When quartz deposits are formed, temperature and pressure have an important impact on the quality of quartz. Especially in the later stages of quartz formation, high temperature and high pressure are conducive to the migration of impurities inside the quartz grains to the grain boundary edges or fine inclusions, and the fluid is wrapped in the formed quartz. It has less body content and may have the potential to be processed into high-purity quartz. Magmatic granitic pegmatite quartz is formed by slow crystallization of high-temperature magma. The magma temperature is high and the cooling time is long. Impurities in the quartz system are easy to precipitate. Therefore, the quartz in magmatic granitic pegmatite is extremely pure and contains gas-liquid inclusions. Rarely, it may be processed into high purity quartz.

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