Ways for reducing noise of large vibrating screen

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Due to various factors such as the large body equipment and the motor power used, the heavy-duty mining screen will vibrate violently, and it is easy to generate large noise during operation, which does not meet the requirements of modern enterprises in terms of noise reduction and low energy consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt various methods to reduce the noise of the equipment, so as to reduce the noise pollution caused to the environment.

1. Tighten all the parts on the mining screen, especially the parts of the screen plate with high replacement frequency, so as to avoid the extra noise caused by the loose parts colliding with the body during the operation of the vibrating screen due to the loosening of individual parts;

2. Paste the rubber plate on the side plate, feeding port, discharging port and receiving chassis of the screen box, which can effectively suppress the high-frequency vibration of the side plate and reduce the noise;

3. Replace the sieve plate with a rubber or polyurethane material sieve plate with small elastic modulus and low noise. Although this method can effectively reduce the noise generated during the operation of the mining vibrating screen, the service life of the sieve plate will also be corresponding. decrease;

The sieve plate used for noise reduction is a rubber sieve plate with a three-layer structure. The upper layer is a wear-resistant rubber layer, the middle layer is a special fabric skeleton layer, and the lower layer is a hard rubber layer, which is dependent on the bracket. This not only reduces the impact sound, but also overcomes the hole blocking phenomenon caused by the tensile deformation of the single elastic material sieve plate after use;

4. Reduce the noise caused by mechanical transmission;

5. Use rubber springs instead of steel springs to reduce impact;

6. Install a soft sound insulation cover on the outside of the exciter;

7. Damping treatment is performed between the inner and outer casing of the bearing, which can effectively reduce the noise generated by the bearing;

8. A soundproof cover is set outside the mining vibrating screen to reduce noise pollution;

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