Wash mortar sludge river sludge filter press

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The filter press turns the river silt in industrial production, the mud in the sand washing field, the piling, shield and stucco water, into a mud cake (moisture content of 20% – 25%, hand can not grasp the water), convenient packaging and transportation. Realize the separation of slurry water, and the pressed water is clear and can be recycled and discharged. The device is easy to operate.

sand washing sludge belt filter press

It is mainly suitable for the deep dewatering treatment of industrial sludge such as large-scale mine tailings, large-scale sand washing yards, stone field mortar dewatering, ceramic raw material mud, mountain washing sand, soil bag sand slurry dewatering, river dredging and other industrial sludge deep dewatering treatment and the use of large-scale sewage plants.

drilling mud filter press machine

1. Under the same processing capacity, the machine is small in size, light in weight, and relatively easy to move;

2. Automatic operation, simple operation, use, easy installation and maintenance;

3. The filter press is placed on the flatbed truck to facilitate the construction site transfer construction;

4. Large processing capacity, good performance, wide scope of application;

5. Good sealing, good working environment, low noise;

6. Labor cost saving;

7. The product is affordable, the cost of use is relatively low, the maintenance cost is extremely low, and the maintenance is simple.

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